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What is LifeStyled?

In a perfect world, LifeStyled is a depot for all things stylish. This might be a shoe, a lipstick, a house, a cocktail, it could even be an opinion but I wanted to create an online home for all the fabulous things that make the ordinary less so.

I’m a journalist and former magazine editor -you might have spent some time with me on CLEO, Shop Til You Drop or Madison – who has dedicated the last twenty years to fashion, beauty and style in print. I now intend to dedicate the next couple of decades to making those things work online. It’s early days for pretty things on the web and I’m excited about where it’s heading and how much fun it’s going to be.

The opinions on LifeStyled are mine. I wont plug, spruk or blog about anything that I don’t actually love. Or think you’ll love. And if that changes I’ll let you know. So please browse in safety. I want you to learn something, buy something or be inspired – if that’s not happening please tell me and I’ll tweak it.

That’s pretty much the plan but you’ll find I get bored easily and so everything is subject to change.  Your opinions and ideas are an important part of the LifeStyled journey so I hope you’ll stick around for the ride. It may be a little bumpy but I promise it will be fabulous.

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