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Party Shoes (Part 1).

Shiny, new shoes are as essential as sunscreen at this time of year. From printed pumps to embellished wedges, feet haven’t looked this showy since 1988. So make like Beyonce and dance…



Readers Snap Their Style.

There is so much you can learn about style from watching the way other women dress. So here are just some of the outfit highlights from LS readers who have…



The Joye of Denim (Day 5).

Cut-offs for evening? Yes you can. Nicole Richie and Miranda Kerr coined this look and took it mainstream. The key is ensuring that everything that supports the denim is dressy, dressy, dressy. And……



The Joye Of Denim (Day 4).

I pledged no jeans on this challenge. These really don’t qualify. They are far, far away from the style I was referring to. Blue, faded and cuffed. Or dark, skinny and long. I bought…


The Joye Of Denim (Day 4).

The Joye Of Denim (Day 3).

Let’s play word association. Denim vests. Kenickie from Grease. Rizzo from Grease. Grease. Arthur Fonzarelli. Fonzie. The Fonz. Happy Days. Chachi from Happy Days. None of them actually wore one but you see where this is headed… I struggle with…


The Joye Of Denim (Day 3).

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