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December 13th, 2013

How To: The Incredible Martini.


Nothing says festive season quite like a cocktail.

And nothing says old school chic quite like a martini.

In this tutorial, Garth Foster, Brand Ambassador for Belvedere Vodka shows us how to make an IncREDible Martini.There’s something super sexy about this drink, it’s sweeter than the classic and easy enough to make on mass for a party (use a glass pitcher like the one below to keep it stirred and cold).

In the sage words of Anonymous…

“I’m not talking a cup of cheap gin splashed over an ice cube. I’m talking satin, fire and ice; Fred Astaire in a glass; surgical cleanliness, insight.. comfort; redemption and absolution. I’m talking martini”.



What You’ll Need.

50ml (Belvedere) red

10ml sweet vermouth
a dash of aromatic bitters

stir all ingredients over ice.

Strain into a chilled martini glass and garnish with a ruby red grapefruit peel

Chic Extras.

 CLICK TO BUY: Dorset Large Martini Mixer, $126 from Williams-Sonoma; Williams Large Martini Glass, $24 Williams-Sonoma.

Good To Know: Fifty per cent of every bottle of Belvedere RED  (RRP $69.99) sold goes directly to Bono’s charity RED which benefits victims of AIDS in Africa – the majority of which are women and children. 

I can’t think of a better Christmas present.


  • CC

    OMG! This looks amazing! Am going to make tonight.
    Cute bartender.

  • Lisa S.

    I want this NOW.
    Thank God it’s Friday.
    Thanks for great drinkspiration!

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