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LifeStyled Rates & Specifications


SPECS: 728×90
FILE: px gif, jpg or swf
SIZE: 50k
RATES: $25 CPM (minimum $1000 spend)

MREC 1 & 2
SPECS :300×250
FILE: px gif, jpg or swf
SIZE: 30k
RATES: $25 CPM (minimum $1000 spend)

SPECS: 800×250
FILE: px gif, jpg or swf
SIZE: 50k
RATES: $30 CPM (minimum $1000 spend)

All placements provide infinite loop and url redirect.

Sponsored Posts
Talk to us about creating advertorials that are tailored to your customer and our audience. Effective way of discussing brand attributes and qualities with a tactical and targeted message. Please note: All sponsored posts marked as advertorials.

On Roll Advertising
Head and End Roll spots available on PTV. This is a great way to place your TVC in relevant brand environment where it can’t be fast-forwarded. All TVC buys include top five most popular videos and home page ‘Feature Video’.

Reader Sampling & GiveAways
Find out what our readers think of your product. Sample groups can be chosen to test, trial and experience. Findings can then be tailored into an advertorial posts, websisodes or surveys.

Everything here at LifeStyled is stylish – and Bespoke is our middle name – so whatever your advertising wish-list, I’m sure we can make it happen.

For all enquires email us today.

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