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December 20th, 2013

The Gift Of Pineapples.

The Gift Of Pineapples.

Surf, Dive N’ Ski. I went in there to buy a couple of rashies for the kids and came out with these little bits lime and coconut heaven.

If you are stuck for Christmas gifts then this is where you need to head. There is such a great selection of quirky, cool stocking fillers for those people in your life that have everything but you can’t bare to give nothing too. Good for tweens and teenagers. V good.

I bought three of these candles for the table on Christmas day where they will sit  alongside  real pineapples that I shall be spray painting gold (yes, will post).

Pineappples, elepants and flags are my things so I’ve thrown in some more tropical buys.


 IN STORE: Billabong Scented Pineapple Candle, $40 (each) from Surf Dive N’Ski

Love It All.

CLICK TO BUY: Pineapple lamp base, $175 with zigzag shade $159 from charm in sterling silver, $240 from Tiffany & Co; Henrietta & Morty Cushion Cover, $4.95 from Fragrance Library in Pineapple from $10 at;  Pineapple pretzel chair, $$1,445.00 from; Lime Green Pineapple, $18.95 from;  ;

  • shoegal

    country road also did some great pineapple prints this year…I still saw some in stock over the weekend. Lovely weekend relaxed dressing

  • Kara

    Paula if you love pineapples you may like these!

  • Lisa Mckenzie

    These are gorgeous Paula x

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