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November 19th, 2013

Shanghai Snaps (Part 1).

Shanghai Snaps (Part 1).

I’m just back from a whistle stop tour of Shanghai and we’re in love.

What a progressive, fabulous city. The architecture, the food, the people, the crazy and did I mention the food.

Over the next week, I will post postcards from the trip (I couldn’t possibly put it all into one) as well as a LifeStyled Go Guide on where to Stay, Shop, Play but today I wanted to kick off with my trawl of the antique markets.

The Dongtai Lu (pronounced dong tie looAntique Market is an open air market on a small street near Xintiandi. Not strictly antiques (am sure there are many of the same things hidden underneath all the stalls) there are true treasures to be found and the replica and 70’s retro is fantastic.

This is a barter market, so whatever price you are quoted, you need to halve it and negotiate from there.

It’s cash only and open from 9am-6pm every day.

Must, must do.

Snaps From Shanghai.

You can never have too much blue and white porcelain.

Shanghai Ladies of the 1950’s.

Cupie dolls mixed with tea sets…

Medals and coins.

Calligraphy brushes with jewelled handles. Love these in a stack on a coffee table.

I may have accidentally bought the blue one….

Dragons, gods and radios.

Hanging teapots. Imagine these strung in a tree in the back garden…

Stacks of pretty tins.

Crazy phones and beat up bags.

Beautiful old tapestry pictures and frames.

I flew to China courtesy of Shanghai Xintiandi Langham Hotel and saw sights/sounds/things that I never had before.

Xie Xie Langham Hotels for an incredible experience.


  • Corina

    OMG that market is my dream shopping experience! Teapots and sets, beaten up bags and suitcases, quirky historic photos in frames. I LIVE for this stuff! Lucky you Paula x

  • Kellie

    When are we getting Shanghai Part 2

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