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December 19th, 2013

Clip Of The Week.


When I sent this art-directed, scripted, costumed viral Christmas video to a friend they texted straight back:

“Does this make you feel inadequate? I feel inadequate….”

I had sent it purely for the LOL’s but after watching it several times I did begin to feel feeble in the face of the Holderness familys’ Christmasness.

The virtual card is set to the beat of Will Smith’s “Miami,” and the family sing a rap with mostly clever lyrics that celebrate the kids, their achievement and the whole family’s matching jammies.

Who has the time to do this stuff? And where did they get the sleepwear?

It transpires that the Dad is a news anchorman and the Mum is an actress and the card was a stunt video for their new business which is creating stunt videos.

In the week Beyonce became Yonce, the Holderness family have reached 10 million views.



  • Cheryl

    The ‘mom’ looks a little like Angelina Jolie.

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