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October 18th, 2013

Party In The Park.

Party In The Park.

I spend many mornings in Centennial Park.

It’s the biggest part of my running track and I never tire of the sunrises over the ponds, the horses in the early mist and the amazing jumble of characters that share the space with me.

Last night, I joined Tiffany & Co at a beautiful event which raised much needed funds for the conservation and restoration of this special park – an astounding $140,000 was raised and donated.

Like all things Tiffany, it was achingly chic with sprinklings of their famous blue.

And I got to dress up…take a look.


WEARING: All Zara everything and Saint Laurent heels.

Under The Tiffany’s Tent.



  • anastasiaC

    im so happy with the Zara shapes this season – love the skirt…nice soft fabric, flip and ‘in’ length!!! you look gorgeous and elegant!

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