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November 21st, 2013

Photos From My Wedding Box.

Photos From My Wedding Box.

Fifteen years ago today I got married.

It was (and remains) one of the greatest days of my life. All these years later – I laugh, cry, swoon – about him, the day – all of it.

We wanted it to be a great celebration and the reception was held at my husband’s Dad’s house under a big white tent that was an explosion of hot pink peonies, bowls of cherries, cake stacks of roses, Moroccan lanterns and long Italian feast tables – no one really did that kind of thing back in 1998.

It was exactly how I wanted it to be – full of fun, friends, family and a fiesta.

I feel so very lucky to have experienced grand love and all its ups and downs. My husband Saxon, has always been much more than my best friend (which he is) and brings new, bright, shiny things to my life consistently and constantly. Of course we have very beige days but I believe: No rain. No rainbow.

This morning I opened up our wedding box – I don’t have an album – I have a shoe box. We had no ‘official shots’ taken and absolutely none in the church (I wanted to remember that part in my heart) and so the photos of the day are literally just snaps of moments – celebration, family and love.

Back in the olden days we didn’t have digital cameras either so I snapped some of the printed shots in the box with my iPhone and share them with you here. Today. Fourteen years later.

Love long and well.


One Fine Day.


The Party.

  • theloveofpink

    Paula you are still so beautiful! You seem so sincere and real and I love how you share such personal moments on your blog. I am planning my own wedding for next year and am obsessed with Tiffany chairs – how funny that 14 years ago you were already onto this! Of COURSE you were. Happy anniversary xx

  • Nicole

    That’s so nice. Sometimes I think it is hard to keep long term friends. Your so lucky. Hope you enjoyed your dinner last night – it looked amazing!

  • Margs

    Beautiful post. You look stunning. How old were you when you married?

  • Brett Martin

    It was a magical wedding and started the next phase of my DJ career.

    All the best to you and Saxon

    Brett Martin

  • Ms Jane

    I love a wedding and always have to pack a tissue or 10! You looked gorgeous and it’s wonderful of you to share it with us. I don’t really ever write comments but I read your blog everyday (along with Garance) and love what you do. Here’s to many more years xxx

  • PaulaJoye

    Thank you Ms Jane – for visiting and for such kind words.
    Please comment more – I loved hearing from you.

  • PaulaJoye

    How many times did you have to spin “Video Killed The Radio Star’?
    You were a huge part of the weddings success Brett.
    Hope you are well and happy.

  • PaulaJoye

    I was 27.

  • Angela

    Paula, I just have to say I adore how you don’t have photos in the church. My other half loathes the over abundance of digital cameras at each wedding we go to, and I love the thought of asking guests to leave them at the door so as to “remember that part in my heart”. Thanks so much for sharing & happy anniversary.
    A x

  • Rachel

    Gorgeous. Congratulations!

  • Nicola

    Paula, you’ve been my style idol since I did work experience at Cleo back in 2001 and you were editor. I still remember seeing you in a meeting with a tiara and thinking, what a fabulous boss! My boyfriend proposed to me last weekend and I thought I would check in to LifeStyled to see if you had any timely posts. What could be more special, beautiful and inspirational than this one! Thank you thank you thank you!!

  • Marcia Priestley

    How wonderful to look back on those beautiful memories. I too was married in 1998 and did it a little differently (a cocktail party) Your photos are stunning x

  • dancinglolly

    Your wedding dress is timeless. Such a great choice!

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  • Rachel

    How funny – Paula I officially became obsessed with you when I did work experience at Madison and you were editor. I was a quiet, chunky little girl and one day you came into the office and said “cute shorts” to me… I still remember that feeling of elation! I’ve followed you and your style since then and am often inspired by Lifestyled. Happy Anniversary!

  • Cheryl |

    Beautiful post and photos – congratulations on the milestone, Paula and Saxon! I love how fun and gorgeous your photos are- thanks for sharing the memories :)

  • PrudieLou

    Divine and timeless Paula, you made stunning bride. I know others have commented this, but as soon as I was looking at your photos I thought you resembled Caroline Kennedy! I’m getting married in April 2015 (with 6 bridemaids also) and I hope when I look back on our 15 year anniversay our photos won’t look dated – your wedding could be tomorrow and still current – I love it! Thank you for sharing these with us, happy anniversay! x

  • Eliza

    Was your wedding at St Patrick’s of Nulkaba?

  • anastasiaC

    so young! very beautiful photos!!

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