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November 15th, 2013

Readers Snap Their Style.


There is so much you can learn about style from watching the way other women dress. So here are just some of the outfit highlights from LS readers who have participated in the Joye Of Denim Style Challenge.

Thank you to everyone who got involved and shared your pictures. I hope you felt inspired (and challenged!) this week.

Please share your experience below. I’d love to hear how you went, what challenges you faced and what you learnt.



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The Best Dressed Awards.

To encourage you all to get creative and share your outfits, we decided to reward the best dressed each day with a pair of Levi’s®  Revel jeans. These jeans are game changers. They are made with a genius liquid shaping technology that lifts, shapes and defines. You won’t look back.

Here are our lucky winners (our Day 5 winner will be announced tomorrow):

Day 1: Rebecca Lewis

Day 2: Marie Phitidis

Day 3: Jo Burley


Day 4: Natasha Andrews


  • Judes

    Well done to everyone who participated and to the winners! I loved looking at everyone’s inventive ways to wear denim.
    Keep up the challenges PJ!

  • Lois

    Love the blue nail polish!!! Can anyone tell me what brand it is???

  • KillerChic

    I’ve always followed these but loved participating. Even though denim can be a tough gig in a corporate office!!

  • Kelbel

    Totally loved being a part of this and seeing everyone’s style!

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  • Rebecca Lewis

    Sorry Lois, its a shellac colour done at a salon.

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