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December 4th, 2013

Shorts, Tuxedos & Princess Gowns.

Shorts, Tuxedos & Princess Gowns.

I have a bunch of girlfriends who love their Sass & Bide shopping like other people enjoy chocolate or wine.

It’s an addiction they happily admit to. Somedays it cancels out therapy sessions.

I put myself squarely in the same group. My wardobe is filled with countless glittery, floating pieces that I constantly return to, wear in new ways and will forever make me smile.

I went in store last week to edit the latest collection. Here’s my picks of the season – you have my full permission to buy one in every colour.


The Slouchy Tuxedo.

Sass & Bide are so, so good at making clothes that work back, over and under each other.

I love the simplicity of all these pieces and could see them working individually (and just as well) with trainers and denim. I put them together this way to create a more feminine tuxedo silhouette.

The jacket is a cropped, skinny shouldered version of a classic evening jacket, the t-shirt has pin tuck pleating which riffs on a mens dinner shirt while the drape on the harem pants gives the whole look a soft sexiness.

I’m calling it the Slouch Tuxedo and I think you need one.

CLICK TO BUY: Sass & Bide The Exception Tailored Suit Jacket, $650; Sass & Bide The Knockout Silk and Cotton Tank, $140; Sass & Bide The Way Of The World harem pants, $190.

The Bling Tee.

Every season the girls bust out a range of tanks and t-shirt adorned with a rainbow or sequin, ribbons or metallic paint.

They are a bit of a weakness and I struggle to stop at just one.

My favourite from this collection is the sequin mouse which was printed from a hand drawing by Heidi’s daughter, India Grace.

Fabulous gift.

CLICK TO BUY: Sass & Bide Raise A Glass embellished tank, $180Sass & Bide Lovecat grey marle printed tank, $180.

Navy & Red.

Red and navy are the Thomas The Tank Engines of fashion – they work overtime.

Never more so than when worn in combination.

Obsessed with the tomato red hue of these shorts (they also come in mint, white, black and taupe) and the fluted leg line.

As for the knit…if you buy anything make it this sweater.

Perfection and forever.

CLICK TO BUY: Sass & Bide Nature Of Happiness silk shorts, $290Sass & Bide The Night’s Parade printed jumper, $220.

Soft, Floaty Layers.

Such a different shape for me but it’s as comfortable as wearing nothing at all.

Much of the Sass & Bide philosophy is about easy, effortless dressing and this outfit ticks those boxes with a fluro texta.

The print pants would work with anything from a corset in the evening to a singlet and thongs on the weekend.

The top is like wearing a cloud.

CLICK TO BUY: Sass & Bide The Self Help Book kimono top, $350Sass & Bide In The House wide leg pant, $390.

Black frames, silver refelcto lenses, oversized aviator shape.

What do you think I did?

CLICK TO BUY: Sass & Bide Sevilla Aviator Frame, $249

 Mint Is The New Black.

Say goodbye to black.

Just for a moment and dive into layers of frothy, diaphanous mint silk and tulle.

There’s nothing not to love about these gowns. Princess the whole way.

I’ve said it before: do not save evening gowns for occasion dressing. Buy them and then wear them often.

Pizza tastes completely different in tulle….

CLICK TO BUY: Sass & Bide Second Hand News mint gown, $650;  Sass & Bide The Day Job embellished mint gown, $590.

The Summer Cape.

I bought the Sass & Bide black cape last winter and it changed how I got dressed.

I can’t remember loving a piece of clothing so much. This new, lighter, cropped version is equally covetable.

The lines are sharp but the borderie angalais gives it an almost vintage feel. They also come in plain navy and black.

They’re selling like coconut water at a music festival so be quick to click.

CLICK TO BUY: Sass & Bide A Writer’s Life lace capelet, $490.

Statement Necklace.

This season it is all about ‘Go Big or Go Home’.

What I like about these breast plate neck pieces are that they’re low on bling but high on impact.

I couldn’t decide between silver or gold….

CLICK TO BUY: Sass & Bide Brighter Than Gold metal and perspex neck piece, $290Sass & Bide Movers & Shakers black and silver metal neck piece, $290.


  • shoegal

    Love the short hair look Paula, I thought you had a hair cut for a moment!

  • Bree

    Love it Paula! I’m a huge sass & bide fan also.
    Would love some more content on the site-I am always checking back to see if anything new has been updated. Hoping there is more frequent content planned for the future. x

  • Josie

    I love all of it. You look fantastic in every outfit Paula x

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